Black Woman's Emotional Truth

by Jane Uzochukwu
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Publisher: AuthorHouse UK

Publication Date: January 14, 2018

ISBN: 9781496979421

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In life there are so many truths we tend to hide. So many emotions we will never let out. Veronica would never tell her husband the truth behind his lost money or her supposed attack. Neither will Richard tell his wife that he still has other children outside the marriage. It is not their place to tell, they will try to convince themselves. If fate hides it for them why should they exhume it? Neither will I ever tell Dafe that the reason why I proposed to him is because my supposed prince charming, the man I thought was the answer to my prayers ended up being a broke pimp who lived off a wealthy single mother. Abbey will never tell Ashe` that he may never stop dating Lillian as long as he remained working in his present company even though he swears he really does love her. And maybe he does. Veronica has gained a new voice that spurs her on to fight for her liberation and self actualization. This voice has given her the valour, profound strength, and prowess to balance her life in order to make her marriage work and to seek peace and tranquillity. She has learnt a new truth what she felt before and what she feels afterwards may never be revealed to the world. She might smile, she might scorn, but her true emotions and feelings will always remain protected, locked and hidden within. For that is the black womans emotional truth, she most often never lets it show.