Bitcoin Explained: Introduction Guide to the Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin World

Crypto for beginners, #3
by Johan von Amsterdam

Publisher: Johan von Amsterdam

Series: Crypto for beginners

Publication Date: July 03, 2018

ISBN: 9781386196815

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Bitcoin explained
Contains two parts:

Part 1:
What is Bitcoin? Unlock the mystery.

Part 2:
Bitcoin Cash versus Bitcoin: the battle of the cryptocurrencies

In the first part, you will discover all you need to know about Bitcoin, including how to set up your wallet, the best apps for mobile devices, and how to buy your first bitcoins.

We'll start from the beginning, learning about Bitcoin history and the numerous advantages Bitcoin investing has over government-controlled money. We will teach you how to protect your Bitcoin investments, introducing you to the block chain technology.

After reading this you know how:
- Build Your Own Web Wallet
- Know How to Buy Bitcoins
- Acquire Bitcoins for Free
- Decide Where to Keep Your Bitcoins
- Develop Strategies for Protecting Your Bitcoin Investments
- Understand Different Investment Strategies
- Talk Knowledgeably About Bitcoins

In the second part, you will learn about Bitcoin Cash, once a unified currency, Bitcoin now has new competition, which is leaving even the savviest of investors questioning what the difference really is and which is better.

Solve the mystery between cryptocurrency's major split and learn how to make smart investments with BTC and BCH.

Get answers on the following questions:
- Where did Bitcoin come from?
- What exactly is Bitcoin Cash?
- What is the best investment?
- What does the future of cryptocurrency hold?
- How do I get started?

Don't wait and start reading and learning about this fascinating cryptocurrency world.