Birds of the Hawaiian Islands

Being a Complete List of the Birds of the Hawaiian Possessions, With Notes on Their Habits
by Henry W. Henshaw

Publisher: Forgotten Books

Publication Date: January 30, 2018

ISBN: 9780243778201

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Of recent years the study of nature has become popular and widespread in America. Not only is Nature Study taught in many of the schools, but the publications relating thereto have become very numerous. Unfortunately these various treatises apply wholly or in large part to the birds, insects, animals and plants of 'the mainland, few or none of which are found in the Hawaiian Islands. Such publications are hence of comparatively little use to island teachers and pupils or to the Islanders generally. There being at present no popular work upon Hawaiian birds, the present little volume has been prepared with the view of break ing ground in this department, and with the hope that it may prove of assistance to those who are already bird — lovers and, as well, may stimulate others to become such. For superbly illustrated volumes upon Hawaiian birds the read er is referred to the fine works issued by Mr. Walter Rothschild and by Mr. Scott B. Wilson.