Bioshelter Market Garden

A Permaculture Farm
by Darrell Frey
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Publisher: New Society Publishers

Publication Date: February 01, 2011

ISBN: 9781550924572

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To ensure food security and restore the health of the planet, we need to move beyond industrial agriculture and return to the practice of small-scale, local farming. The Bioshelter Market Garden: A Permaculture Farm describes the creation of a sustainable food system through a detailed case study of the successful year-round organic market garden and permaculture design at Pennsylvania’s Three Sisters Farm.

At the heart of Three Sisters is its bioshelter - a solar greenhouse which integrates growing facilities, poultry housing, a potting room, storage, kitchen facilities, compost bins, a reference library and classroom area. The Bioshelter Market Garden examines how the bioshelter promotes greaterbiodiversity and is an energy efficient method of extending crop production through Pennsylvania's cold winter months.

Both visionary and practical, this fully illustrated book contains a wealth of information on the application of permaculture principles. Some of the topics covered include:

*Design and management of an intensive market garden farm
*Energy systems and bio-thermal resources
*Ecological soil management and pest control
*Wetlands usage
*Solar greenhouse design and management.

Whatever your gardening experience and ambitions, this comprehensive manual is sure to inform and inspire.