Biology and Ecology of Pharmaceutical Marine Cnidarians

by Ramasamy Santhanam, Santhanam Ramesh & Gubbiyappa Shiva Kumar
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Publisher: CRC Press

Series: Biology and Ecology of Marine Life

Publication Date: June 27, 2019

ISBN: 9780429576072

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The first comprehensive book on the biology and ecology of pharmaceutical cnidarians, answering a need for more knowledge about the identification, biology, natural products and bioactivities of these living resources.

Contributed by scientists of both marine biology and pharmacy disciplines.

Identifies the correct marine species, shows the ecological parameters of that species, and explores its biological values with particular attention to primary and secondary metabolites or bioactive constituents.

A useful supplementary text on Marine Biology and Pharmacology courses.

Nearly 200 illustrations are produced in full color, providing a high-quality reference.

This book provides the taxonomy, common name, global distribution, habitat, diagnostic features, and pharmaceutical compounds (along with their activities) of 200 species of marine cnidarians along with nearly 200 detailed illustrations in glorious color.

The phylum Cnidaria (formerly Coelenterata) is a large, diverse, and ecologically important group of marine invertebrates which make up 40 percent of the biomass of the oceans. Marine invertebrates are the richest source of marine natural products with potential applications in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, and it has been reported that over 3000 bioactive compounds have been described from this phylum alone, mostly in the last decade.