Biodiversity Conservation and Poverty Alleviation

Exploring the Evidence for a Link
by Dilys Roe, Joanna Elliott, Matt Walpole & others

Publisher: Wiley

Series: Conservation Science and Practice

Publication Date: May 18, 2016

ISBN: 9781118428511

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Biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation are both important societal goals demanding increasing international attention. While they may seem to be unrelated, the international policy frameworks that guide action to address them make an explicit assumption that conserving biodiversity  will help to tackle global poverty. Part of the Conservation Science and Practice Series published with the Zoological Society of London, this book explores the validity of that assumption. The book addresses a number of critical questions: 

  • Which aspects of biodiversity are of value to the poor?
  • Does the relationship between biodiversity and poverty differ according to particular ecological conditions?
  • How do different conservation interventions vary in their poverty impacts?
  • How do distributional and institutional issues affect the poverty impacts of interventions?
  • How do broader issues such as climate change and the global economic system affect the biodiversity – poverty relationship at different scales?

This volume will be of interest to policy-makers, practitioners and researchers concerned with understanding the potential - and limitations - of integrated approaches to biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation.