Bikini Body Help - Workouts Excercise Training Plan

by Kayla Itsines
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Publication Date: March 09, 2017

ISBN: 9781365810657

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Throughout my industry experience and the more I interviewed my female clients, it became apparent that many girls were aspiring for a specific yet common look. What these girls really wanted was the confidence and positive physical change that came as a result of a healthy lifestyle. The body type I am referring to is a far cry from the “very muscular” look that a lot of women obtain through other training styles and advice. I found that some trainers in this industry do not properly understand or listen to their client's goals and are therefore not able to advise them in a way that will help attain their client’s desired appearance or outcome. This is my mission: I want to help as many women as possible achieve their ideal body, their confidence and their happiness! Hence, with the help of Fresh Fitness, I created this “Bikini Body Training Guide”. I have heard many trainers and individuals say lots of different things about how to get ‘results'.