Beyond the Ordinary Mind

Dzogchen, Rimé, and the Path of Perfect Wisdom
by Shambhala
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Publisher: Shambhala

Publication Date: February 06, 2018

ISBN: 9780834841307

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A unique collection of essays, instructions, letters, and personal advice on Dzogchen, Rimé, and other topics by famous Tibetan Buddhist masters of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
This selection features profound, provocative, and at times humorous texts from some of the leading figures associated with the Rimé tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. The emphasis of these works is on the esoteric path of Dzogchen, or the Great Perfection, through which the nature of reality is pointed out directly, just as it is.

Throughout the book the translator provides clear, succinct introductions to the individual translations, expertly setting the scene and guiding the reader through a world of intellectual renaissance, intersectarian debate, and the imparting of cherished insights. Through this, one truth above all becomes apparent: that genuine wisdom means transcending the limited confines of the ordinary mind.