Beyond Intimacy

Finding true love in a fake society
by Ijeoma Stephanie Akubue

Publisher: NanoEdge International Ltd

Publication Date: March 04, 2019

ISBN: 1230003114445

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Just like the oxygen we breath to remain alive, we all need love in order to experience the thrill and beauty that life has to offer. No matter how we pretend not to need love, in time, we are always awakened by this reality. Little wonder some people travel far and wide in search of love, most times searching in the wrong places. Ironically, what they search afar is within their closet.

Some have lost good people, while looking for ideals that are too far-fetched from reality. Other times, we are so consumed with superficial things, neglecting the real substance, only to experience regret, disappointment, depression and so many other negative emotions.

There are so many good people out there, who are willing to love genuinely with all their heart. Unfortunately, these are ideal prey for the bad ones out there. In the end, they get used, drained, disappointed, hurt and dumped. What a cruel society!

Like I always say, our society is filled with all sort of snakes, scorpions, sharks, tigers in form of human beings, especially in the wake of internet and social media. They seem nice, well-mannered, supportive, charismatic, disciplined, neat and always make a good impression about themselves.

On the contrary, they are the worst kind of people to deal with because they are direct opposite of everything they seem to be. They have mastered the game of deceit, almost impossible to be unmasked until they have completed their mission, short or long term.

Our society is so fake that you can only see what they want you to see. On the other hand, social media and the internet is not helping matters. It has become a tool for deception, enabling people to showcase a fake reality of themselves. Armed with their smart phones and other digital devices, they can influence other people’s perception about them. You see people taking pictures in exotic places, expensive cars, showcasing a lifestyle that is so far from their present ...