Better Brains By Design: The Quest for Qualongevity

by Michael C. Patterson

Publisher: Michael C. Patterson

Publication Date: October 12, 2016

ISBN: 9781370945955

Binding: Kobo eBook

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A wealth of research now makes it clear that cognitive decline and dementia can be prevented or slowed. We no longer have to accept with resignation the idea that our brains will inevitably get weaker with each passing year. In fact, because of the incredibly plasticity of our brains, we all have a great deal more control over the structure and function of our brains than previously imagined. Better Brains By Design explains how you can design a stronger and more resilient brain for yourself.

Do nothing and general wear-and-tear of the passing years will erode the capacity of your brain. But, take action to avoid damage, promote repair and stimulate continual growth, and you can keep your brain healthy and your mind sharp no matter your age.

Our mission is to promote long lives worth living. We have coined the term “Qualongevity” to capture the idea that it is not enough to simply live longer. We also want to live well. We assume that, like us, you want whatever extra years you get to be quality years, not additional years of decline, chronic illness and suffering. Better Brains By Design will show you not only how to improve your brain health, but also how to strengthen you mental capacity and your ability to flourish.

Brain health is simply in concept, difficult in execution. To design a better brain for yourself you need to eliminate conditions that damage your brain and replace them with behaviors that challenge and strengthen it. Minimize risks, maximize growth! Simple!

There are, however, two daunting obstacles to this simple strategy. First, knowing exactly what to do; second, doing it! Better Brains by Design provides a roadmap to brain health that helps you overcome both obstacles and gets you started on the process of building a stronger, healthier, more creative brain.

The opening section, A Quick Guide, offers you a condensed summary of the entire BBBD approach, including instructions on how to design a series of ...