Best Practice Guide on the Management of Metals in Small Water Supplies

by Bower, Matthew
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Publisher: IWA Publishing

Publication Date: November 06, 2016

ISBN: 9781780406404

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The management of small water supplies presents a unique challenge globally, in countries at all stages of development. A combination of lack of resources, limited understanding of the risks and poor expertise means that individuals and communities may face serious health risks from these supplies. This is not only due to microbiological contamination, but also from contamination by metals, either due to natural or man-made contamination of the source water or through leaching from plumbing materials due to inadequate conditioning and corrosion inhibition and use of inappropriate materials. 

This Best Practice Guide aims to share best practice and experience from around the world on a practical level. It looks at general issues relating to small supplies and ways of managing these, adopting a Water Safety Plan approach to deliver sound and lasting improvements to quality. Management techniques and treatment relating to specific metals will be covered, from a theoretical and practical perspective, to deliver a publication that will act as an authoritative guide for all those faced with the problem of ensuring the quality of a small water supply. Varied case-studies will help to illustrate issues and ways in which they have been resolved.  

Table of contents

The Difficulties of Managing Water Quality in Small WaterSupplies; What are Small Supplies?; The Management and Regulation of SmallWater Supplies; The Vulnerability of Small Water Supplies to Contamination byMetals; Water Safety Plans for Small Water Supplies; Making WSPs Work for SmallSupplies; Teamwork- The Value of a WSP Team;     APractical Guide to Developing a WSP for a Small Supply;   Practical Guidance for Risk Assessments; Establishing the MetalsProblem: Risk Assessment, Sampling and Analysis; The Range of PossibleProblems; Metal Solubility and Influencing Factors; Risk Assessment of SmallWater Supply Systems; Sampling and Analysis; Consumer ...