by Diane C. Coates
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781481758666

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DANNIE HINES, middle school art teacher, daughter and friend, is on a journey.

Her mother is preparing to leave this world. Principal Tillman has taken all of her classes in exchange for a class of students no one else wants to teach from the Juvenile Detention Center.

She receives help as she remembers events from her past. Events, which taught important lessons of life. There is also help coming from a very special relative, Riley, her uncle, now a spirit.

She also has a best friend Margo. They are kindred souls placed on the planet to help each other.

This book shows the reader a mother who asks God for just a little more time to help her daughter realize her gifts. It shows Flame, one of the students in Dannies class, trying to find her place in the world when her family has evaporated. It shows Dannies friend, Margo, struggling to heal her family from something she did.
It shows Dannie, desperately trying to help everyone and make her own peace with her family and her mother.

This book is about love, honesty, friendship, telepathy, out-of-body experiences, healing and more. It can help a lot of readers find a special kind of peace.

This book is for everyone. If you have ever felt in the midst of personal tragedy you were alone, this book Believe could offer you some peace. It creatively uses concepts of, teleporting, out-of-body experience and telepathy to take the reader along on a spiritual journey of one warm southern family.