Practical Ways to Empower Yourself and Save YOUR Relationship Before Giving Up
by Fina Oria
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Publisher: DLB 730 Press

Publication Date: March 17, 2019

ISBN: 9781970075069

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Relationships are evolving! You must prepare yourself while you’re dating or you could end up with a huge engagement ring, a beautiful wedding, but a disastrous marriage. Too many people prepare for the wedding, but not enough of them plan for the marriage!

It’s not breaking news that divorce is adversely affecting many families. So, when should you start doing the work for a healthy relationship and marriage?

Answer: While you’re dating. Before you’re engaged!

Is there a relationship guide or blueprint that can rescue you from a toxic relationship? Although there are no absolutes, you hold the power to create the type of relationship you want. How? By heeding the warning signs and paying attention to what’s happening in your relationship before you commit in matrimony.

In Before SEVEN-THIRTY: Practical Ways to Empower Yourself and Save YOUR Relationship Before Giving Up, Fina Oria highlights and breaks down several signs that are definitely not relationship love languages but rather precursors to a dead-end relationship. These warnings are from the Universe to show you that healthy relationship goals start before marriage. You don’t have to feel undesirable or worthless. Before SEVEN-THIRTY offers thought-provoking and practical solutions to help you ask serious questions about your relationship and yourself.

This is not one of your typical self-help books. Gleaning insights from her own personal relationship mistakes and successes of other happily married couples, Fina walks you through various topics and signs that could jeopardize the state of your relationship, including:

  • Why marriages are failing

  • How to eliminate relationship issues early

  • The importance of resolving your past, including childhood trauma

  • How to resolve communication, behavioral, and financial ...