Bedrock of Successful Marriage

by Amos Oyejola


Publication Date: May 29, 2017

ISBN: 9781387002368

Binding: Kobo eBook

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This book is written to encourage parents to see unparalleled opportunities in every child and achieve balanced success in their marriages. When our life is out of balance, we experience crises and stunted growth in our destinies. If we become financial giants but we lose our health and our families in the process, we are still far from being truly successful. Life without peace of mind is like eating a delicious, meal but suffering from stomach upset or indigestion afterwards. The key that unlock the door to our peace of mind in the home is living in harmony with each other. This book is a back to basis guide to help parents lunch new and greater exploration of effective home. I pray that every couple that benefits from this book will have a stable and happy marriage.