Beautiful Is Love

A Work of Fiction
by Amy Rhea Harrsion
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: January 14, 2018

ISBN: 9781496910035

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The love that Jacob and Naomi Willem know is relentless, protective, strong, and filled with surrendered hurt. In the ever changing growth of self and understanding, comes a life filled with mistakes & forgiveness, and ethically challenging decisions that prove the Willems devotion & self-sacrifice. Jacob & Naomi Willem met in Omaha, NE, and soon married just before Jacob accepted an offer to college at MIT, in Cambridge, MA. Naomi, a young artist, was eccentric and full of passion, an attribute that Jacob, the adventurous, brilliant, tall & handsome-type, was completely drawn to. When Jacob accepted a position near Glacier Point Peak Pass to be Head Engineer at a nuclear warhead facility, the Willem's were excited about their new future. With Naomi questioning the possibility of reuniting with her lifelong friend, Rose Carson, they anxiously started their new lives. After Naomi had a miscarriage of their first child, and Jacob had faced his temptations, they figured all the hard stuff was behind them. So, in the summer of 1992, the young Willem's moved to Washington State, near Darrington. Fifteen years later, they found themselves in a world of confusion, explosions, bloodied cover ups, and illness. They became proficient in telling lies. Naomi questioned how they could ever remain together as she quickly felt the implications from a rapidly crumbling marriage. However, when Rose came back into their lives, life as the Willem's knew it had changed, and Naomi would do anything to fight to keep their love alive. She whispered aloud, "Beautiful is love: Even if it is questionable."