Beautiful Danger Book 1 Dark Oak High School

by Kimberly Jesika

Publisher: Kimberly Jesika

Publication Date: September 14, 2016

ISBN: 9781310606311

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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After an ancient war nearly eradicates all civilized life, a packed between two warring factions known as “The Shape-­-shifters” and “The Sorcerers”, a pact is made where both sides agree to disarm themselves of their powers. The head of each family contain these powers in a crystal ball known as a “Vortex”. The Castle in which this meeting takes place is immediately sunk into the ground below, where a race known as the “Pixies”, a neutral party in the war, decide to hide the castle and its contents under a school that named Dark Oak Academy.

Our central characters are Tyler, Kimberley, Amber, Stefan, Chloe, and Henry, all whom are presumably normal teenagers, who cannot wait for the Dark Oak Academy Prom. On Tyler’s first day at Dark Oaks Academy, she meets Brooke. Brooke is the stories primary antagonist and bullies Tyler during her first day at Dark Oak Academy. Kimberley intervenes with the bullying, and Tyler and her become close friends.

During a prom in the gymnasium of Dark Oak Academy, Brooke and her goons attack the group, where Brooke finally reveals her plan to capture the “Vortex” and its powers for herself. During this fight Amber reveals that she was aware all along that Kimberly and Tyler both have hidden abilities, and they then use these abilities to defend themselves against Brooke’s onslaught.

After being punished for the destruction of the prom, all parties involved in the scuffle are ordered to clean up their mess in the gymnasium. The Principle of Dark Oaks Academy, who reveals the importance of not using their “Powers”, carried out this order.

The group eventually fails in their attempt to stop Brooke from obtaining the power within the “vortex” hidden under Dark Oak Academy, despite the fact that their friend Chloe was trying to warn them of the impending plot carried out by Brooke.