Be Love

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy and Its Lessons for Our Soul’s True Purpose
by Pete Brigham

Publisher: BookBaby

Publication Date: January 26, 2019

ISBN: 9781543958782

Binding: Kobo eBook

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In 2005, Pete Brigham, a global investment manager, experienced for the first time the groundbreaking form of hypnosis known as Life-Between-Lives (LBL) Hypnotherapy. While his body relaxed into the deepest state of well-being he'd ever known, his newly-liberated mind gave voice to his ancient, inner soul essence, a voice he later called Phaedron. This soul-voice spoke a message about LOVE (that is, the perfect love of Heaven) that changed everything that Pete had ever known about his spirit path. Over the next 14 years, and many more LBL sessions, Phaedron gifted Pete (and all of us) with timeless and priceless wisdom about the reason we are all here, the lessons of love that are our true soul purpose. A primary theme of the book is that true spiritual growth on this planet comes from endeavoring to see all humanity through the unifying prism of pure, generalized love. We are all One, and embracing and sharing love for all is the secret to living a meaningful, purpose-filled life. Most of the insights included in this book are direct quotes channeled from Phaedron and his so-called Council of Elders—the "review committee" that examines each life Phaedron has lived over the past 180 millennia. Phaedron's Elders on the "other side" encouraged Pete to write BE LOVE, and share their angelic insights with the rest of the world. BE LOVE is thus a whispered message from the spirit world, reminding us to unlearn the selfish and limiting concept of earthly "love" that has been delaying our progress during our earthly incarnations—and to dedicate oneself to choosing Heaven's LOVE instead. Drawing on the author's extraordinary experiences of Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy, as well as years of study of A Course in Miracles, BE LOVE shares this universalist message of salvation for all humanity. Only once we have learned to "be" love can we escape the cycle of birth and death, leave behind our earthly incarnations, and experience ...