Baseball - The Unfair Sport

by Ted Frank
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Publication Date: September 19, 2016

ISBN: 9781618130792

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Most baseball fans realize that left handed hitters have certain advantages over right handers - a shorter running distance to first base, facing mostly right handed pitching, etc. What most fans don't realize however, are the incredible advantages uncovered by Ted Frank that not even the so called experts have discovered. This fasinating book shows why some of the Greats of the game were not so great, and why even in today's age of specialization there are left handed htters who clearly shouldn't be starting over their right handed counterparts.  In his detailed statistical analysiss, Ted shares "The Big Secret" never before revealed: and discusses the clear advantages left handed hitters enjoy on what really isn't a level playing field. Baseball the unfair sport is a must read for all true fans of the game.