The Most Infamous Pickup Book In The World
by Roosh V

Publisher: Kings Media

Publication Date: October 22, 2015

ISBN: 1230000737005

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Bang is a pickup textbook intended for men who weren't born with the natural ability to sleep with a lot of women. The knowledge in this book is powerful enough that it has been targeted by crazy feminists who attempted to ban the book with a petition that was signed by over 200,000 people.

Bang contains simple but effective techniques, moves, and lines that teaches you how to have consensual sex with women. It includes...

-The 8 essential beliefs of the alpha male
-The 5 critical components of the "vibe," an optimal attitude women find most attractive
-Tons of natural, high-impact opening lines that work just about anywhere women can be found
-Best answers to a girl's common questions that heighten the tension and build attraction
-A technique to get her phone number without asking for it
-Detailed text messaging strategy that shows you word-for-word how to get dates in the shortest amount of time possible (no need to make voice calls)
-The one text messaging mistake 95% of guys make that kill the interaction
-A simple trick for the first date that will make her feel like she has known you longer than she actually has

Bang goes into explicit detail on how to escalate to intimacy...

-"Four key moves" to the kiss that are so natural and easy to pull off that the girl won't even recognize them as moves
-A comprehensive dating strategy so you sleep with her no later than the third date
-The 5 magic words to say when you want to get inside her place
-How to make a smooth transition to the bedroom 
-7 detailed steps to taking off her clothes

There is also an appendix that covers unique situations you may face...

-How to approach girls in coffee shops, the gym, and foreign countries
-How to prevent a girl from seeing you as too young or too old
-A bonus "cheat sheet" that contains six of ...