Bad Blood The Unspeakable Truth

The Global Tainted Blood Crisis
by Vic Parsons

Publisher: Optimum Publishing International

Publication Date: January 21, 2019

ISBN: 1230003041437

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Optimum Publishing International is pleased to announce the publishing of Bad Blood, The Unspeakable Truth by author Vic Parsons; Bad Blood will be released in Canada and the United States.

In the biggest public health crisis in Canada, thousands died from tainted blood that to a large extent was supplied through the US state prison system with Arkansas having been singled out as one of the worst run blood collection systems. This tainted blood that came from HIP and HEP C infected patients would reak havoc around the world as unscrupulous corporations and government agencies were slow to react to a crisis in face of all the information supplied.

“We didn’t realize that the same thing we thought was so great was going to take his life away.”

Rita Marche

A Royal Commission the Krever inquiry spent over a year investigating and had many conclusions, but none led to criminal prosecutions, yet the scandal had over ten billion dollars in claims. Vic Parsons explores the many facets of what went wrong. How did two agencies, Canadian Red Cross and the Canadian Blood Agency after being provided with both scientific and committee recommendations on the suspension and recall of various blood products fail to act? The “science is inconclusive” said one key official. A decision that would cost thousands of additional lives.

Trials took place in 2007 for compensation. "The Crown sent a lot of good foot soldiers, but the defence sent generals.”

—Mike McCarthy, 2018

Vic Parson’s son was infected by HIV and Hepatitis C and is one of the few lucky ones who has survived both infections. Through his personal journey as a journalist, Vic brings these tragic stories to life and now some 25 years later we find many who were originally interviewed, now deceased. In this compelling new work that updates the stories and the facts also provides great insights into the positive actions taken that resulted in the disbanding of ...