Backseat Bedroom

a concise guide to living in a car
by Nick Andrew
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Publisher: Nick Andrew

Publication Date: December 21, 2015

ISBN: 9780993511424

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'Backseat Bedroom' is a non-fiction book by, unique Scottish musician, Nick Andrew. The thing that makes Nick unique is that he lives in a car. A blue one.

It all started as a bizarre 2 week cost cutting experiment, but has turned into an 9 year (and counting) lifestyle change for our hero.

And now the questions brew……!

In the book, 'Backseat Bedroom' Nick answers all of the questions about his unique automobile accommodation approach.
He also explains his reasoning, comments on society, visits many toilets, encounters a poltergeist, wears an itchy sombrero and shares survival tips and thoughts on life out side of the box.

The book is part manual, part travelogue with more than a sprinkling of humour. It has been likened in style to Bill Bryson meets Jeremy Clarkson, with lots of interesting and bizarre 'homemaking' tips.

You will never think of your car in the same way again!

"Truly hilarious, surprisingly moving and well worth reading"- The Sun