Back to Nature & Breathing

by Nhu Nguyen
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Publisher: Nhu Nguyen

Publication Date: September 05, 2017

ISBN: 9780988748736

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"Back to Nature and Breathing" by Nhu Nguyen, is a wonderful handbook bearing her dream. It is a simple dream with a simple method; that humans will escape the pain of illness, live without depression, and be truly happy every moment of their lives.

"Back to Nature" is the translation of Vietnamese words "Hoan Nhien," a theory of Vietnamese qigong training to achieve a good life in both mental and physical fields. This theory has been handed down from generation to generation in Viet Nam.

“Hoan” means return, to be back. Attune. “Nhien” means nature. “Hoan Nhien” means “Back to Nature,” attune to the flow of Nature's energy; Heaven and Earth. “Back to Nature” is a way of living, for a normal life of each person. “Back to Nature” is a way of training in order to attain a peaceful life for the whole Body and Mind. “Back to Nature” is a way to activate a natural healing source hidden in the human connection to natural energy while training the body and soul, aiming at recovering the living force of body and soul that been exhausted by time.

Heaven, Human, and Earth are basic elements of the philosophy of life of Vietnamese Ancestors. Humanity is the bridge between Heaven and Earth. Earth is the supporter of the Human physical life. Heaven is a spacious spirit of humanity. Humans cannot be whole without the connections of Heaven and Earth.

“Back to Nature” balances our physical and mental conditions by our will of training in harmonizing and using the miracle energy ready in Nature.