Back in Action

by Sarah Key
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Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Publication Date: January 01, 2002

ISBN: 9781741763287

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Do you have a back problem?

This book will help you put it right.

In an easy-to-read question and answer format, Back in Action sets out all the commonly asked questions about back problems and how to treat them.

Sarah Key explains that most back problems are caused by the stiffness of a spinal link or vertebra-a totally reversible condition. By starting off with physiotherapy to mobilise the stiff spinal links, and then practising techniques and exercises to keep each vertebra separated and supple, you can have a healthy back.

Illustrations throughout Back in Action make the explanations easy to understand, and a daily exercise plan shows you how to strengthen your back and alleviate pain.

Back in Action is an excellent, informative companion to Sarah Key's widely acclaimed Back Sufferers' Bible.

Understanding is half the cure.

SARAH KEY trained as a physiotherapist in Australia before establishing her own centre in London in 1976. Today she sees people from all over the world in her Sydney practice, and talks with back-treating professionals and patients through her website, Sarah Key is physiotherapist to the royal family.