Baby Signing Essentials

Easy Sign Language for Every Age and Stage
by Nancy Cadjan
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Publisher: Sourcebooks

Publication Date: June 02, 2015

ISBN: 9781492612544

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The ultimate resource in baby sign language basics to get your child "talking" today!

Using trusted American Sign Language (ASL), Baby Signing Essentials is the perfect resource for parents, caregivers, and educators looking to create effective two-way communication. Designed to grow with your baby by covering physical, emotional, mental, and linguistic development at each age, this is the essential guide to sign language.


  • 200 illustratedf ASL signs (including the basics like MILK, MORE, and EAT)
  • Easy-to-follow instructions to hel pyou make each sign correctly
  • Age-specific advice on wowrking with infants, toddlers, and beyond
  • Fun tips to incorporate signing into daily routines

With the gift of sign language, you can communicate with your child as early as four to six months, reduce tantrums, build verbal language skills, and create a stronger bond than ever!