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Publication Date: March 01, 2018

ISBN: 1230002189970

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This brings me to the main topic am to discuss in this book, which is sex and its addict as well as how to be free from its addiction.God is Author of sex, God invented it, and all God made he saw that it was good; sex is good not evil, but illicit sex is bad. Sex is not bad; it is the abnormal use of sex that is bad, and whenever anything is used abnormally (abuse) it becomes harmful to the user. For example when a fellow abnormally use (abuse) a drug it end up harming the userbecause it was not used properly as prescribed. So also is sex if not done in the context it was meant for whichis marriage.

 In this book I will be discuss on what sex really is, its purpose, its origin and how many who through abnormal use of it has fell victim in to the disorder of sexual addiction, the reason why they are addicted, and the cure to their addiction. In this bookI will be providing very useful and important information that will lead sex addicts to their freedom from sexual addiction. I pray that as you read through this book the Holy Spirit will change, transform and renew your mind in Jesus name, and may he break every addiction at work in your life in Jesus name.