Understanding The Realities Of Marriage In The Early Years
by William Appiah & Dorothy Appiah
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Publisher: The House Of Change

Publication Date: April 30, 2017

ISBN: 9781910894378

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When newly married couple settle down after the wedding, they need some information and knowledge to sustain the marriage. While some couples are naïve about marriage, others are economical with the truth, telling only ‘edited highlights’ about what is happening in their marriage. Some learn the hard way, by trial and error and thus create unexpected problems.

This book, the "Beyond The Wedding Bliss," provides the necessary information right from the wedding night, through the settling down period. It tackles some of the initial expected and unexpected problems, the roles of the husband and wife, including the importance of open communication, as well as highlighting the critical differences between men and women. This book also provides vital information about how to achieve peace at home whilst building a loving and sustainable relationship.

Our other purpose in writing this book was to use our God-given Christian Counselling ministry to equip married couples with the necessary ‘tools' to stay married and sustain their marriages and to feel able to turn to counsellors if ever they find themselves in difficulty. So many people throw in the towel, admitting defeat after initial problems begin to rear their heads. We are also determined, therefore, to provide couples with information and create awareness about the need to use counsellors when they face problems, to avoid marital breakdowns. A better understanding of the Biblical principles on which a marriage should be built will help you during the early period of marriage and afterward.

This book is written as much for those who have recently married as for those who have been married for the last 10 years. It is also designed for those who are ready to learn more about what the Holy Bible says about marriage, as well as the experiences of life and wisdom. The Bible says, "for lack of knowledge my people perish." Knowledge about God's honourable institution will bring you the essential ...