You Can Choose To Be In Charge of Yourself and Your Health
by Dino Georgalas
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: June 22, 2015

ISBN: 9781420811582

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Synopsis According to Yogi Berra "You can sometimes see a lot just by looking". Even a casual observation of everyday life and current events may well reveal that the state of our nation and indeed the world is increasingly fraught with stress, rapidly deteriorating and costly health, angst, agony and even depression. "Be In Charge (of Yourself and Your Health), It’s Free of Charge" addresses with the utmost if not unprecedented simplicity what concerns and alarms most everybody on the planet ( maybe even more so in the US, Canada and the EU.) which is Human Health & Stress. It provides universal appeal, accessibility, and self empowerment for the general reader while also uniquely providing total independence of all external and/or intangible references and/or directives. Health and stress are practically everybody's prime and urgent concern. This is probably an understated understatement Martial the first century AD Roman poet was right on when he quite unequivocally stated "Life Is Not Living, But Living In Health" (non est vivere sed vaslere vita est). Myriad published recommendations to combat ill health and stress, fall mainly in the following categories: Medical Scientific Religious Abstract Esoteric Spiritual Fads (diets, fitness, meditation etc.) Some recommendations may be dogmatic and/or intimidating, but all operate under the illusion of one size fits all, or as culturally and commonly expressed "Everybody does it" or "It happens to everybody" This illusion is also hammered in holistically by relentless advertising. Most existing HEALTH and STRESS related PUBLICATIONS are BASED ON DOGMA and/or intimidation "pushed" strictly by AUTHOR CREDENTIALS, and/or FAME and NOTORIETY. They also embrace the one size fits all myth or rather oxymoron and promote fads often contradictory. As anyone may observe the state of our physical and mental health leaves a lot to be desired, to say the least, in spite of occasional short term and at times Pyrrhic victories.