Discover How To Resolve Marital Sex Conflicts Amicably Without A Third Party
by William Appiah & Dorothy Appiah
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Publisher: The House Of Change

Publication Date: April 30, 2017

ISBN: 9781910894347

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Battles on the marriage bed though a practice shrouded in secrecy due to the nature of the issues, have a very serious effect on marriages. They sometimes start with misunderstandings and disagreements about issues and then explodes into anger on the bed if and when not resolved. Instead of the bed being a place of rest, restful sleep and getting intimate with your spouse, it rather becomes a place to settle issues and or scores.
This book is written to inform and educate couples about the relevance of settling conflicts in the marriage and the need to do so without a peace keeping force. We always jokingly state that the United Nations is overburdened with various urgent and serious problems in the world and have fewer resources to divert some into settling marriage issues with their peace keeping force. 
Couples will do well to settle marital conflicts by themselves. Some families genuinely may want to settle their differences out of the bed. This book, Battles On The Marriage Bed, is for those who recognize the existence of the problems and challenges which end up in the marriage bed and are prepared to work to resolve the issue. Most couples would experience such battles which sometimes begin with the silent treatment from their partners as an outcome of their dissatisfaction with an issue. This can be due to several factors including infidelity, health, stress and psychological factors.  
Issues about marital sex are so personal and intimate that it is very difficult to get people to open up and discuss them. For those of us who coach, counsel and organise events on marriage as well as do public speaking, these are some of the issues that come out during question time. People get excited when you raise issues about sex at any event, as they have the opportunity to either contribute or listen to advice, guidance, and information.