Avatarium - A Short Story of Subconscious Surreality

Jeff Liboiron's Weird Tales
by Jeff Liboiron

Publisher: Jeff Liboiron

Series: Jeff Liboiron's Weird Tales

Publication Date: December 04, 2015

ISBN: 9781519978394

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Would You Journey to the Depths of Your Mind?

When a writer absorbs the vapor of opium, he delves into his imagination, chasing inspiration for his next dreadful tale. However, he quickly finds out that escape will not be so easy.

What readers are saying about Jeff Liboiron's Weird Tales:

"Jeff's ability to keep the reader entertained and engaged is something to experience! The apparent ease with which he writes his characters, ranging from broken and tormented, to clever and humorous makes them relatable yet mysterious, while the attention to detail paid to the plot lines leaves the reader second guessing if these twisted tales are truly made up by the author, or something that he lived to tell about. Get ready...you are about to go places and see things that you didn't know existed!" 

“Jeff has an infectious writing style. It leaves the reader begging for more. The momentum of each story leaves the reader feeling like they have been in a high-speed chase, coming out the other side somewhat battered and bruised. Jeff’s use of timing and imagery leave the reader hanging in a state of visceral, emotional electrifying charge. Some of the endings are a complete surprise. Clever visual and sensory description; leaves the reader visibly shaken and wanting more.” 

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Avatarium Excerpt:
I have plunged from the brink of heinous psychopathy into the depths of my cerebral cortex to once again skulk the shadowed halls of my Avatarium—my Thought Colosseum. There, statues of gold-plated gods stand tall within the Underworld of Gru, and the Gravenwyrm of Daeden—the planet eater and swallower of stars—appears from an interstellar vortex, devouring me whole through ...