Automatic Girlfriend Creator: How to Create Instant Attraction With a Girl You Just Met

by Julian Wyatt
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Publication Date: January 03, 2017

ISBN: 9781365654497

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Nice guys will invariably ask themselves this one question at one time or another: "I'm a good guy, so why is it all the jerks get the women and I'm stuck being alone?" Sometimes, it's easy to believe that Jerks have some type of magical power that allows them to sucker women into liking them and somehow have them hang around while they treat them like dirt. This happens SO MUCH, that some guys believe that they actually have to BECOME Jerks to get women attracted to them. But make no mistake about it - no body likes a jerk. Not even the women who date them! So if that's the case, why is it obvious that they get so many girls to go for them? Stop. Read this book before it is too late.