Autogynephilia - Everyman's Guide to Autogynephilia, Crossdreaming and Late Onset Transsexualism.

by Felix Conrad
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Publication Date: May 13, 2015

ISBN: 9781329129856

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‘Autogynephilia’ is an important guide to understanding and living with femephilia. Not only is it of existential importance for a femephiliac to understand their sexuality and what it means, but it can become crucial for their mental health should they face a gender identity crisis. The book deals, therefore, with both scientific questions such as the relationship between autogynephiliac behaviour and transvestic; practical questions such as ‘how to keep your wife/girlfriend satisfied sexually’; and larger issues such as the causes of late onset transsexualism: is it caused by autogynephilia? A word of warning: this book is aimed at people for whom 'transition' is impossible and thus argues for a specific therapuetic direction. This direction is not recommended for early onset transsexuals or sufferers of serious gender dysphoria and therefore they should not buy this book. This book is for those who seek to reconcile both their male and female nature without medication or surgery.