Autism Box Set

Books 1 to 5
by Dr. Sharon A. Mitchell

Publisher: ASD Publishing

Series: School Daze

Publication Date: April 22, 2019

ISBN: 1230003197646

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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This boxed set contains 5 novels in the School Daze series, each featuring an autistic child or adult and their family.

Autism Goes to School

Ben didn't know he'd fathered a child until he took custody of his five year old son. New to being a dad and new to autism, well those first days weren't pretty.

A single dad, a boy with autism and a teacher. Can they become the family they need?

Autism Runs Away

What started as a fun chase game now has deadly possibilities. Six year old Ethan has been kicked out of one school for his tantrums and for blindly fleeing when he gets overwhelmed.

Now, enroled in a new school, his mom clings to her phone, waiting for the call to come get him, that they can't handle an autistic child.

Return to Madson School as the students and staff welcome Ethan into their midst.

Autism Belongs

Manny isn't like other kids. He doesn't talk. He doesn't go to school. His parents frantically try to re-arrange their world to Manny's liking because when he gets upset - well, the aggression was getting worse.

Is trapped in a tiny apartment with mounting frustrations all there is for Manny? Is he doomed to isolation and silence or could it be that there is a place where he belongs?

Autism Talks and Talks

Karen is bright, vivacious and highly verbal. Too verbal. She finds certain topics fascinating, and goes on and on and on. She remains on the fringe, looking at other adolescents having fun together and wondering if she could ever be a part of the group. Karen has Asperger's Syndrome.

Who best to help her but an autistic chef. What?! Yep! Meet Jeff. His special talents and view of the world are just what Karen needs. And, Jeff learns that he is just what one particular woman needs as well.

Is this all there is for Karen? Will an autistic man find the love he didn't know ...