Autism A Practical Guide For Parents: With Tips To Discover Early Signs Of Autism In The Family And What To Do Next!

by Monica Davis

Publisher: Eljays Publishing

Publication Date: April 08, 2016

ISBN: 9781310898464

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Autism is a disorder that has to do with the development of the brain and it is typically discovered or diagnosed by specialists before a child clocks the age of three years!

As it stands, experts have not been able to place their fingers on exactly what causes autism, a condition in children where they cannot talk or interact normally with their environment. In some quarters, autism is equated to brain damage!

Most parents are usually perplexed each time their children is diagnosed with autism because they cannot just seem to come to terms with what must have caused it. However, the only thing found so far about autism is that it is predominate in boys when compared with girls.

As a matter of fact, researchers and doctors are currently working on several theories in order to be able to explain the real cause of this condition.

Well, in spite of the current studies, initially, emotional trauma was penciled down to be the cause of autism. Thus parents were blamed for negligence but as it turns out, diverse researches and studies have proved this wrong.

All that being as it may, it is, however, inferred that the most logical explanation for autism is hereditary. Yes, this means that factors responsible for autism is residence or inherent in the genes. Nevertheless, these genes are yet to be discovered.

In fact, in the estimation of the experts…I mean in their opinion they feel that children born with this trait become autistic once some environmental triggers come to play!

Well, besides that, another theory has to do with environmental issues especially when you have a small town exposed to so much pollution from chemicals and toxins, because the town is situated close to factories or industrial areas.

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