Attracting Sexy Women - The Casanova Playbook Of How To Seduce Any Girls At Your Fingertips

by Stanley W. Rogers

Publisher: Bluesource And Friends

Publication Date: April 17, 2019

ISBN: 9781386791140

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Are You Dying To Be A Love Magnet?

Do you always regret not getting the lady of your choice?

Tired of being single and lonely?

Are you getting "friend-zoned" before you even speak?

Let's face the fact here, you have seen others guys that you think is inferior (in terms of looks or personality) than you but ATTRACTS WOMEN LIKE A BEAST.

9 OUT OF 10 MEN FAIL to understand the true game of hook and seduction.

Why not…

Be The Casanova Today?

***"Attracting Sexy Women"***is a guide for the unsatisfied. Men who find themselves in relationships with women they aren't truly attracted to will benefit from this work, because it will help them learn what their core mistake is. They do care too little about themselves—even if they are naturally endowed. There is no plant with just a seed. There must be care.

To attract the best of women, boys must grow into men. A sexy woman will want a sexy man—that is the natural balance of things. Become what you want to attract from the world, and it will crowd you because you deserve it. The problem isn't with what you have—it's with how you use it.

Inside this book you will discover:

  • Examinations of the Relationships Between Men and Women and How to Navigate Them Successfully;
  • How to Identify When to Approach Potential Dates and When a Woman Is Interested in You;
  • How to Build Your Relationship with Yourself and Grow into an Attractive Expression of Yourself;
  • Examples of How to Utilize a Healthy Sense of Confidence and Assertiveness Without Harming Others;
  • How to Healthily Attract High-Profile Mates;
  • How to Manifest Your Ideal Reality Without Having to Sacrifice Yourself;
  • An ...