Atlantis Rising

The Struggle of Darkness and Light
by Patricia Cori
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Publisher: North Atlantic Books

Series: Sirian Revelations

Publication Date: May 18, 2010

ISBN: 9781556438639

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The second book in the Sirian Revelations Trilogy explores the wisdom ancient Atlantis can offer contemporary seekers.

The lost continent of Atlantis has existed in the collective consciousness of humankind for eons—contemplated as early as 355 BC by Plato and echoing in the modern mind. In this controversial book, author Patricia Cori provides compelling, often startling insights into this lost culture and the lessons it holds for us as both a high civilization and a metaphor for our current world situation, earth changes, growing extraterrestrial phenomena, and government conspiracy theories. Only by embracing and recognizing what Atlantis can teach us, says Cori, can we expect to heal and uplift our own increasingly threatened civilization.