At Dewitt's End

by Doc Henderson

Publisher: BookBaby

Publication Date: July 04, 2018

ISBN: 9781543935165

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Headed for vacation in Key West, intern Doctor Dewitt Houston and his brother Jesse happen upon a terrible scene: an explosion of a poison-filled tanker truck. Dewitt saves one person but does not come out of the maelstrom unscathed. Some years pass and Dewitt teaches at a medical school in Atlanta. Among his wet-behind-the-ears med students is portly and garrulous David, bright but lacking in common sense, as becomes obvious. When Dewitt travels to the nation's capital to visit Jesse, now an Air Force colonel with C. I. A. connections, he is inadvertently kidnapped by Native Americans Willie and T. P., who have actually been commissioned to capture Jesse. Willie and T. P. bumble their way out West with Dewitt, where corrupt politician Governor Dill intends to find out why a potentially very profitable reservation casino can't be built. Why can't it? Well, that's a national security secret, involving dams, reservoirs, a pilot-less spy plane, the villagers of Forked Knife – and ditsy characters like Running Fever and Chief-ette Erma Shaave. Eventually, Dewitt, along with Willie and T. P., must escape certain death from the Native American mafioso. Using his wits – as usual – Dewitt concocts a plan. But, just as things might go their way, he discovers more unexpected danger. Will the bad guys pull off their caper to cheat their way to riches, even if it means killing everyone in their way? Read the unexpected shenanigans that occur along the way in "At Dewitt's End" to find out!