Ashes to Ashes & Back

by Spooks

Publisher: Spooks

Publication Date: November 01, 2016

ISBN: 9781370734337

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Ghosts, haunting's,spirits in the night, phantom figures, scary story's, smells and a feeling of being touched when there's no one around. These are all part of what I write about, but all true stories and real photos of spirits, orbs and things you can't explain. Welcome to my third book, "Ashes to ashes and back." My name is "Spooks."

I see, hear, and talk to the dead. I have been able to for many years. The story's I write about are about true haunting's, visions I have had of the future, visits from the spirit world of which I have many, in fact most nights I have a spirit asking me to pass on a message to a loved one or a friend. I have also been sent many stories and pictures of which some do take my breath away. If you have a story and an original photo that belongs to you; if you would like it in my next book, please get in touch with me.

Best read at night. Enjoy the read and sleep well, if you can?
Previous books by Spooks; "There's a ghost in my house" and "A walk on spirit street."