As We Grow Together Prayer Journal for Expectant Couples

Prayer Journal
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Publisher: Purple Ink, Inc

Publication Date: July 15, 2018

ISBN: 9781939119063

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As We Grow Together Prayer Journal for expectant parents. This pregnancy is God's blessing to you and your family. Time when reconciling yourself to God is the prime activity, with closer communication with your spouse. AWDTPJ allows you to journal and reflect on the blessings and the reconciliatory measures that we need to reach with God.

In this journal, you will investigate who you think you are and discover who will be as a new parent. For those of you thinking: “but I am not a new parent.” I beg to differ. You are a new parent each time you parent. My mother was a different parent to me than she was to my sister. In between children, we grow, change, learn, and decide to be different parents. So you will parent differently. Lastly, you are new to that little one and that little one is new to you. While experience is the best teacher, more of our experiences demand our change.


The role of parenting changes daily with new challenges which our experience does not always lend itself to as a solution. It still takes a village to raise a child. The concept of parenting is at best a challenge. This statement does not negate the ability of the parent, however, it does reinforce the need of the leadership of the Holy Spirit. God provides us with the tools we need to parent so we need to rely totally on Him. The child is a gift. We are stewards of the gift.