Arthur of Avalon

A Legendary Tale of King Arthur
by Gary L. Carlson
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: June 22, 2015

ISBN: 9781452058498

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Told and re-told throughout the centuries, King Arthur's Court and the days of Camelot still exist in the imaginations of children and adults. I have begun where others have ended. From the scene of the his final battle, Arthur is taken by barge to Avalon to heal his wounds. In Avalon Arthur becomes aware of the forces that made him King and receives words of enlightenment that will guide his self-discovery.

As the mysteries of Avalon unfold, the Swordsman who made Excalibur with his "head, heart, and hands" sends Arthur deeper into the woods to be alone with nature. There in a dream he sees his departed teacher Merlin and realizes that "Merlin and Camelot could exist again in his mind and in his soul, safe within a dream, always there to bring forward whenever he chose." Before Arthur leaves the forest he becomes aware of the ten life stages of man and the truth that has always been available to those who search for it.

"The common folk, as legend had it, believed King Arthur would return again and some say he was sleeping in the Isle of Avalon. He was not asleep, however, but awakening to his true self. He was who he always wanted to be…Arthur…Arthur of Avalon.