Art of Enlightenment

The Art of Enlightenment, Time Travel and Black Hole Transcension
by Athena

Publisher: BookBaby

Publication Date: November 26, 2016

ISBN: 9781483588223

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Humanity has reached a critical stage in its evolution. We have attained the technological capacity to destroy ourselves. It is essential that we transcend into a new state of consciousness in order to survive as a species. Enlightenment is the natural mental progression needed in order to maintain stasis on planet earth. I have outlined the precise steps which need to be adhered in order to achieve this liberated state of mind. This is a God like state. You will be filled with the peace which passes all understanding. It can be described as limitless pleasure on a thought. Enlightenment releases 20 years of age from the human body. Aging ceases once we are freed from fear. You can achieve unison with God and become ONE with the collective consciousness. You can experience joy and heaven on earth which is eternal. You will be released from mental anguish which leads to all forms of illness. I will teach you how to heal yourself and the planet. Confusion will dissolve and you will understand the complexities of existence. We need to teach our children how to preserve the planet and attain mental clarity. A clear mind is a priceless gift. There is no greater blessing. I will provide solutions. I have included three meditation techniques which can assist with the transition into an awakening which can never be taken away from you. I have further unraveled the mystery of time travel and human transcension or ascendance through black holes. The reason that scientists have yet to discover physical travel through black holes is that they are not fully indulgent in human physiology and psychology. The final frontier is inner space. Chaos and disorder have dictated the issue of this prophecy. I am an oracle. I am a conduit of God. I am here to alleviate the pain which is prevalent in the human condition. I will reveal the purpose of life. I will save humanity from extinction. Will you be manifested in Heaven or Hell? The choice is yours.