by A Vancy

Publisher: A Vancy

Publication Date: May 11, 2015

ISBN: 9781301375240

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Fred is a musician. Holly is a painter.
Their couple is getting nowhere. Fred is frustrated and drunk most of the time while Holly is becoming a drug addict.

They decide to split up and Fred goes to live with his friend Steve. Steve, a computer programmer, invented a software which links each musical note to a 3D shape and color on a large screen.
One night, when Fred is playing the piano a beautiful woman appears on the screen. She dances, she flies... and gets out of the screen, into the room, into the real world. She's the other side of Fred.

Meanwhile, Holly is painting the outline of her own silhouette directly on her mirror. She's painting herself with slightly larger shoulders, stronger thighs and a refined figure at the hips. Squarer jaw, fine yet longer nose, short dark hair, larger mouth, darker eyebrows, greener eyes. She created her image of the perfect man... and gave birth to her own strong and self-confident alter ego.

Fred and Holly enjoy their time each with their ideal invisible friends and they both change. Fred becomes more sensitive and more mature. Holly grows more confident and more independent, including with drugs.

Both become more creative in their arts and success comes to them now.

One day, they meet in a shop. They immediately realize how much they've changed.
They decide to create a common artistic experience together: it's a grandiose project which combines music and painting, water crystals, light and color, over the Seine river, at night, when Paris lightens up...