Are You There?

A Remarkable Story of Telepathic Communication with the Spirit World
by N.L. Sher
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Publisher: iUniverse

Publication Date: January 14, 2018

ISBN: 9781491739648

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As a young child, author N.L. Sher had experiences of enlightenment, but forgot about these instances until hitting the age of the early 40s. The author then began remembering these experiences, which came with new elements and happenings such as telepathic communication. But it wasnt until the passing of Shers mate Carol that these gifts truly came to lightthat telepathic communications and other talents were actually being realized. Are You There? shares Shers journey of discovering that death is not final, that there is a way to keep loved ones who have passed, close. It tells how these communications provided peace, comfort, and joy. Through this story, the author narrates experiences of the metaphysical, of coincidence, and of channeling sessions and how these helped Sher stay connected to Carol. With interviews from others included, the testimony provided in Are You There? offers evidence there is a way to maintain a connection with loved ones after they have passed.