Are You Ready for 9th Grade . . . Again?

A Family's Guide to Success
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Publisher: Purple Ink, Inc

Publication Date: January 16, 2018

ISBN: 9781939119155

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High school is a hard proposition for most of our students. High school is also the pinnacle of their education. The problem is that high school is hard. The other problem is that our students are failing. We need to assist them with building a sturdy foundation so that excellence and achievement can prevail.

9th grade is the key to reestablishing the desire for education and the confidence to actually achieve. The student does not know the successful route through high school. We are here to show him that success is possible, and now we expect it.

Education is of low priority and the low scores are just the result of a greater symptom. While there is work to do at the state and national level, the real work is at the home level. We will address helping your student to communicate with the teacher, to understand the implications of fighting, and that practice is necessary.

Join us in changing the results of education through this creative approach for understanding your student, creating an atmosphere of achievement, and building the foundation for a successful education and future.