Applying the Results of Neuropsychological and Psychological Assessments

A Manual for Teachers and Specialists
by Dawn E. Burau & Daniel K. Reinstein
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Publisher: Taylor and Francis

Publication Date: November 03, 2017

ISBN: 9781315296319

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Neuropsychological and psychological evaluations in school settings are often rich in detail about a child’s cognitive, academic and emotional functions, and come with specific recommendations to support the child’s performance in school. However, there is often a gap between the assessment results and the implementation of the recommendations, since learning specialists and teachers frequently do not have the means to both interpret and implement the recommendations. This manual presents clear and specific guidelines for school counselors and teachers to decode and put into practice evaluation findings.

The book begins by describing various functional domains that are assessed in a neuropsychological evaluation, and then notes how to recognize behavior and learning styles impacted by difficulty in one of more of the domains. Furthermore, it outlines activities that could be used in the classroom or other environments to support a child’s weaknesses, develop new skills, or appear to particular strengths. Finally, ready-to-use worksheets and activities are offered. This is an essential tool for school psychologists, special education teachers, and learning specialists and counselors.