Applying Genomic and Proteomic Microarray Technology in Drug Discovery, Second Edition

by Matson, Robert S.
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Publisher: CRC Press

Publication Date: June 11, 2015

ISBN: 9781439855645

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Microarrays play an increasingly significant role in drug discovery. The commercial landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years and researchers have made great advancements with regard to construction and use. Now in its second edition, Applying Genomic and Proteomic Microarray Technology in Drug Discovery highlights, describes, and evaluates current scientific research using microarray technology in genomic and proteomic applications.

Updated and revised to reflect recent progress in the field, the second edition discusses:

  • Expanded omics-driven applications, including the areas of metabolomics and chemical biology
  • The commercialization of the microarray platform, with a historical perspective aimed at recognizing key technological developments
  • Solid-supports (substrates) and surface chemistries currently used in the creation of nucleic acid and protein microarrays
  • Different approaches to producing microarrays that achieve spot equality with the same number of molecules properly oriented
  • The development of the gene expression microarray and representative applications
  • The development of protein microarray technology, including its history and key applications

Unique to this edition is a new chapter on multiplex assays that examines the development and applications of arrays across diverse platforms. It discusses applications for qPCR, multiplex lateral flow, and multiplex bead assays. It also presents platform-to-platform comparisons.

Microarrays remain an invaluable tool for omics-based research not only in drug discovery, but in the life sciences, in clinical research, and for diagnostic applications worldwide. This volume presents the current state of the art on the utility of this technology to solve a host of important biological problems.