by Mosiur Rehman
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Publisher: Woven Words Publishers

Publication Date: August 07, 2015

ISBN: 9788192882376

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PREMISE: If Gods commit mistakes in choosing their partners, how can we believe that marriages are arranged in Heaven

SYNOPSIS Angels of Heaven are not the same on Earth. Betrayal is a common disease of both Gods and Humans. How can we believe that marriages are arranged in Heaven when Gods too commit mistake in choosing their partners? The scene dates back to that time when Gods lived among the people. A lovely maiden is brought to the sea shore by the rough waves. Three fishermen have come to see the condition of the sea and finds the maiden lying on the shore posing erotically. She glow and grows beautiful every moment. The anglers goes near her and looks at her with awe. They begin a conversation and finds her to be the Goddess of love, Aphrodite. The anglers bring her to the town in all luxuries they can afford. Aphrodite is not well received by the general mass. They pass various negative comments on her character and being. She cannot tolerate it and appear in front of all. Everybody is taken by her beauty and her eternal glow. She goes to the pulpit and delivers her speech to which the common mass falls at her feet. She lives in the service of the people of Cyprus and one day she sees Hephaestus and falls in love with him. Day after day they meet and their relation develops. Hephaestus is mad for her, though he can never measure Aphrodite's love for him. In the heaven, there is a mad scramble for the highest position. Cronus still remembers the prophecy and he doesn't want to leave the seat at any cost. But it is too hard for him to retain the seat because his son, Zeus, overthrows him and declares himself the king of the Heaven. Myrrha, the daughter of king of Cyprus performs incest with the father(without his knowledge) and escapes the next morning from being killed by her father. Aphrodite helps her by transforming her into a tree. When she gives birth to a baby(Adonis), Aphrodite accepts to keep him in her care.