Anecdotal History of Plastic Surgery

Personalities in the development of reconstructive surgery
by Anthony Emmett

Publisher: Joshua Books

Publication Date: October 09, 2018

ISBN: 1230002646732

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The development of plastic surgery owes much to the need of repair from warfare and in particular the are of Napoleon with the Battle of Leipzig in 1813, the American Civil War of 1861-5, the World War I of 1914-0, the Spanish Civil War of 1936-8, and World War II of 1939-45. These have suddenly produced large numbers and types of injury to healthy young men desperately in need of repair. Each of these times produces a response in terms of surgeons and techniques developed and used.

We find connection to the surgeons developing repair techniques in ancient times, and we have attempted to give some linked story of the interesting people who have given their lives to the science and art of Plastic Surgery, and the Reconstruction of Living Humans now and through the ages.

Development of social records requires that these stories through time are developed and leave their mark on our civilisation in one form or another. If wars are a dark part of the picture of life then the surgery of repair is a lighter part.

Here is a continuing story of Plastic Surgery and the people involved.