And Eve Said … “To Hell with God”

by Sal Rivers
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Publisher: Archway Publishing

Publication Date: January 15, 2018

ISBN: 9781480830974

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The Old Testament of the Bible states that God created man in His image, which would lead many to see Genesis as chauvinistic. What of Eve? Although greatly argued, the existence of a female Goddess is equally and vaguely documented, allowing us a clearer understanding of the influences that led to where we are today, ensnared in a battle of the sexes.

Sal Rivers uses his life experience in social enforcement to outline, in handbook style, said battle. His unique and blunt approach forces us to reevaluate our beliefs and explore the gender war by taking it back to the principles of creation. For example, what if this battle is more than terrestrial, still being fought in the heavens as we struggle to connect here on Earth?

Each of us participates in the gender war on a daily basis and seeks to find solace in a partner who seeks the same. Understanding todays dating rules is imperative, but recognizing the decisions of the ancient and more recent pastwhen men attempted to subordinate womenwill aid in revealing humanitys shortcomings and assumptions about love. Perhaps, then, our relationships will become experiences of divine elation instead of fruitless endeveavors.