Anatomy & Physiology Terms Greek&Latin Roots Decoded! Vol. 6: Joint Systems, Planes & Directional Terms

by Lee Oliva

Publisher: Lee Oliva

Publication Date: February 09, 2017

ISBN: 9781370513772

Binding: Kobo eBook

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The terms in this section are organized alphabetically, with brief introductory definitions and corresponding "dissection" of roots and morphologies, in one setting. Thus, the terms are truly DECODED! Understanding the imagery and metaphor of common Greek and Latin words in A&P facilitates understanding and recall more efficiently than laborious repetitive drills of literal terms. Get an overview of the system terminology by surveying the DIRECTORY OF TERMS. The collection of terms in this volume encompasses the whole subject and more. The complete list of terms will help students to be proactive and may be incorporated in the course syllabus. Solicit your professors' guidance as to the important terms. It is navigable and direct to the point. Anatomical Planes, Directions and Movements nomenclature appears elementary. However, they have nuances that are important to be fully appreciated before the student can move forward.