Analysis of the Second Amendment & the Crisis of Gun Violence: an Essay

An Essay
by Tim I. Peace
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Publication Date: August 21, 2018

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IN 1791, Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of State, certified the Bill of Rights. But what were the events that culminated into that second it was incorporated into the constitution? In other words, what were the prevailing thoughts of that epoch that lead to the enactment of a law as contentious as the Second Amendment? And furthermore, what is the greater implication of this? The then embryo nation was conceived in an era of vociferous noises of what it meant for a man to be free. This movement is a peculiar one in the Enlightenment era. However, must we bear and keep arms to enjoy the liberties a liberal society has to offer? At the heart of this book, is the examination of the ideals of what rights are and the justified efforts to secure them. Since the days of Socrates, these have been debated. Notwithstanding, that was eons ago. The most important element of all rights enumerated by law, or intrinsically endowed, is that one mans right must not encroach on anothers: rights are not a zero sum game. Therefore, leaving the Enlightenment time behind, and the classical era of Athenss philosophy, we must now be ready to challenge old assumptions, while learning from them, and establishing fitting ethos for this generation.